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NFC Marketing Solution

What is NFC

NFC marketing serves as a close-range marketing avenue for engaging with physical locations or objects. Employing NFC tags or stickers affixed to out-of-home displays or products, this technology facilitates effortless information exchange with a simple tap. In this discussion, we’ll explore NFC technology, its operational mechanics, and the ways in which marketers can harness its potential.

How do
NFC work?

Let’s explore the process of deploying an NFC-enabled smart poster within your business premises. Once NFC tags are integrated into your product or incorporated into a smart poster or window display, customers can simply tap their NFC-enabled smartphones on these tags to access campaign information. When a customer taps on a tag or sticker with their NFC-enabled smartphone, the phone detects the embedded URL associated with the NFC tag. This URL is subsequently transmitted to a cloud server. The server then responds by delivering the campaign content linked to the URL, which is displayed on the customer’s smartphone.

Deliver information at a tap

  • Seamlessly Enroll Customers in a Loyalty Program Employ NFC technology at checkout kiosks or POS machines to effortlessly enroll customers into your loyalty program, enabling them to immediately commence earning reward points.
  • Instant Access to Product Reviews and Ratings with a Simple Tap Bridge the gap between e-commerce and in-person shopping by enabling consumers to swiftly access product reviews and ratings with a single tap. This feature not only enriches the shopping experience but also has the potential to garner positive feedback for your products.
  • Effortless Product Exploration through Tapping Harness the inherent potential of NFC through tap-to-learn functionality. Provide users with access to a wide array of information such as dish ingredients, instructional videos, warranty details, product descriptions, and an array of other possibilities. The potential applications are limitless.